Recently, Vincent Laforet blogged a challenge to take pictures of arrows in NYC, Barcelona, and Shanghai.I just happened to live in the NYC area and just happened to be signed up to attend a DSLR filmmaking workshop of his today, so I figured I’d bring my camera along and submit my entry- UP, an array of twelve arrows I found in the city.  Let’s just say that photography’s really cropping reality.  To see in full screen, hit the F11 key on your keyboard and click to the image to use the viewer:

In case you were wondering where I took these photos, here are the locations by row:

Row 1:
28 st btw 10th & 11th aves, facing south
8th ave btw 33 st and 31 st, west side
28 st btw 10th & 11th aves, facing north
Row 2:
Subway station ceiling, 96th st B/C station
A train
Fort Washington Ave btw 178 st & 179 st, GW Bridge bus station,  facing west
Row 3:
28 st btw 10th & 11th aves, facing north
31 st, btw 8th and 9th aves, facing north
31 st, btw 8th and 9th aves, facing north
Row 4:
30 st/Dyer Ave & 10th ave, east sidewalk
31 st & 9th ave, southeast corner
30 st, btw 9th & 10th aves, north sidewalk
Friends also in the NYC region, feel free to do better than me, shouldn’t be hard! ;-)
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