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To Roger

I know much time has passed since my last post, but after thinking about Roger Ebert‘s passing for the past week, I haven’t been able to find any other means besides a public post to come to terms with this … Continue reading

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New Cinematography Reel = Live

Hi everyone, please check out our new cinematography reel!

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School Assignment Results

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School Assignment: Abstract Imagery

This Thursday I plan to shoot a day exterior lab assignment for a cinematography class. I wanted to do a visual essay that focused on abstract imagery that I liked to shoot but rarely get a chance to exhibit. Here … Continue reading

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Tech post: Technicolor’s new CineStyle

As those of you that shoot DSLR video with Canon cameras may know, Technicolor (the big name movie post-production facility) released a new Canon picture style to aid in post production toning. You can download their file here, but if … Continue reading

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Gusher – Our first short film

Please watch it before you read the entry. If you saw me a week ago, you would have seen a harried, overworked, under-slept stress ball hunched in front of a computer feverishly trying to finish editing a project that took … Continue reading

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Behind the Shot

In the Esther & Patrick wedding post, you may have noticed two shots that look eerily similar: As you can see, the top shot was taken virtually at the same moment as the lower shot.  How did I do this? … Continue reading

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Recently, Vincent Laforet blogged a challenge to take pictures of arrows in NYC, Barcelona, and Shanghai.I just happened to live in the NYC area and just happened to be signed up to attend a DSLR filmmaking workshop of his today, … Continue reading

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On The Streets

“All those moments will be lost in time–like tears in rain…” -Roy Batty, Blade Runner I’ve shot New York City streets from day one of my photography obsession. It feels like a lifetime since I started, and it will take … Continue reading

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LA Post 1 – Griffith Observatory

Welcome to LA, land of smog, sun, flashy cars, and plenty of stars, terrestrial and celestial.  Recently, we flew out to cover our friends’ wedding (a future post to come) and to visit family.  Besides the requisite In ‘N Out … Continue reading

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